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“The Lord Loveth Those Whom He Chastens.”

In my family, “chastenings” were known as “whoopings,” and let me tell you- I know whoopings! I know for a fact that “good whoopings” can alter a life. That’s right! Had it not been for my “whoopings” at 4 years old, I would have killed my 6-month-old brother as I attempted to push him through a narrow space between the headboard and the wall. Without a colossal “whooping,” I would have burned down my home with my family still asleep inside when I was 5. And, ultimately, I would have died of a spinal injury after jumping from platforms three times my height at the age of 6.

But as much as a “whooping” helped me in certain moments, I came to know quite a difference in “whoopings” and discipline early on in my young life. Whoopings were easy. They would hurt and guide me in the right direction…temporarily. Discipline was hard… once guided in that right direction, it was my responsibility to maintain that principle and live it. It was much harder than I anticipated. At 13, I decided I’d had enough with discipline and begged my mother to start whooping me again! Because I had a mother who knew the difference, she simply patted me on the back and assured me with one simple phrase: “You gotta grow up some time, Darling.”

During this Seeking Time, we have learned a lot about being a disciple, a “disciplined-one.” The scripture above reminds me that my Father wishes to chasten me and see me mature into a true daughter, as opposed to just whooping me every once in a while and watch me maintain as the brat I was. God is calling His children to a place of maturity and discipline. Will you discipline yourself or will you stay immature and wait for your “whooping”?

~Vickie Bowman


Comments on: "A little self-discipline, please!" (1)

  1. I believe I would rather discipline myself. It’s not just at seeking time we should discipline ourself. It’s an everyday thing. Great Post.

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