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Opportunities to Change

I always dread that seeking time is coming. I’m not going to lie to you. I resist the call to extra worship and setting aside extra time I don’t think I have.  I have to drive to church two more times a week? I haven’t followed through on that as I should have as the weeks have come and gone. I was laid off just before seeking time and have been wide eyed and dazed by the reality of the world we live in. Circumstances have crept up my spine, and outweighed the Word I have living in me. The despair mentioned from the pulpit last week hurt in its accuracy.

My hope in sharing this candidly in The Celebration is to be a part in helping someone else  who has been through some hard times lately. I think I get tripped up sometimes by thinking the things I deal with are personal and intimate things for me, when, in fact, they can be useful to those around me. I don’t know about you, but I have spent a lot of time drifting in the subtle breeze, unaware that I have gotten off course. I’ve wasted time; and time, friends, is marching steadily forward, absolutely and irrevocably without mercy.

In spite of the resistance of my flesh, I have come to truly know something valuable: Seeking time prepares our future together by offering an opportunity to share in our unified hope and vision, rather than going it alone. I needed to re-align my focus on God’s plan for my life. The corrections to my course have been relayed successfully through my commitment to this house. The unified call to seek prepares the way for us all to correct our courses if we recognize it as an opportunity.

God is offering this opportunity for us all as a body of disciples. He’s saying it’s time to re-align our focus on His plans for the year ahead. How aware are you of God’s voice in this seeking time? Don’t mistake the framework of law we use as a chore. If you stand in faith, realizing God is always trying to speak to you, in or out of the corporate gathering, you can develop a more sensitive ear in these forty days and in the days ahead. Rather than resisting seeking time, learn to think like this: “The structure of seeking time provides a path of opportunity in my hectic schedule that can lead me – and our entire church family –  into a higher place in Him!”

What does seeking time mean to you? Judge your intentions and motivation. Look at yourself, and weigh how thankful you are for the opportunity to change.

~ Guy Parker


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