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I’ve been through a bunch of titles for this post…

Change Only Happens When You Know Someone Else is Watching… or

Face It: If it Didn’t Happen in Public, You Would Never Fix It… or

Public Embarrassment: Is There Really Any Other Kind?

You can come up with one of your own, but I think you get the point. People don’t change just because they want to… there’s usually a reason for us to wake up and realize change is necessary. Unfortunately, we don’t usually even notice the need for change until we know that other people know we need to. So… here’s a little story from my life that got me thinking again about change. You can give it any title you want!

This year started off with a bang for me… or maybe it was a “beep.” A great big, giant BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!! I left the local grocery store with a few items, hopped into my car, and the alarm started going off. I never even use the alarm on my car, and the key fob with the control for the alarm is broken. I couldn’t get the noise to stop! I was so embarrassed to be sitting in my own car, alarm blaring, and me not knowing what to do! Finally, the noise stopped, I breathed a sigh of relief, and put the key in the ignition… and the alarm went off AGAIN!!! Frantically, I called my husband to tell me what he thought I should do. Between the two of us, we figured it out, but not before I was sweating bullets from embarrassment! I have never been so happy to drive away from anyplace!!!

As I drove out of the parking lot, I started laughing at myself. Why was I so embarrassed? What was it in me that made me feel upset to be seen as a complete and total idiot in front of anyone who was at the store? That has never happened before…why couldn’t it have happened in the safety of my own driveway?!

And then I got to thinking… that’s really just the way it is. All hell can be breaking loose in our lives, every alarm, bell, and whistle screaming for our attention, and we think it’s okay as long as no one else is watching. It really isn’t that uncomfortable for us unless someone else IS watching! Once we know that our situation is visible to EVERYONE, then we’re more likely to change. As long as we can hide out in our own little lives, we won’t make many adjustments. As soon as our “alarms” start going off in public, drawing attention to us, we sit up and take notice.

So, I realize that all those things that cause alarms to go off inside my spirit are easy for me to hide as long as I’m the only one who hears them. BUT… when others start to notice, then I will finally call for help so I can do something about them! And THAT, my friends, is the way I started 2010!

How has YOUR year started??

~Linda Frederick


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