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How Dusty Is Your Fan?

How does dust manage to collect on the blades of a ceiling fan? I just don’t get it! The fan is spinning around, yet dust still piles up all over those blades. My dresser doesn’t have that much dust on it, and it’s just sitting there waiting for the dust to land on it. I have never figured out how something moving so quickly can get even dirtier than something that is sitting completely still.

So, I’m pondering my ceiling fan one morning this week and started to make the connection to my own life… I’ve been a whirlwind these last two years. I’ve been aggressively pursuing every aspect of the assignment I believe God has given me in this life… man, I’ve been BUSY! And yet, I have collected a LOT of dust… lots of little things have piled on that tarnish my righteousness in God. I’ve allowed wrong thinking and talking to creep back into my life. I’ve allowed time stealers to use up what little time I do have away from my responsibilities. I’ve depended on myself instead of on God. While I’ve aggressively pursued my God-given assignment, I have NOT aggressively pursued MY GOD. I need to be like my dresser for a while… I need to be still in His presence and know that He is God. I need to enter into that rest of knowing that He is the One who will deliver this land to me as long as I trust Him to do so.

Selah=no dust.

~Linda Frederick

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