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Where are all the Heretics?

I’ve been praying and meditating a lot lately on why the Church in America is in such a state of disrepair. I think I’ve come across a few answers.

1. We aren’t “New Testament” anymore

See, when the New Testament church existed it was an outwardly focused illegal body of believers who were covert, dangerous and, to some extent, crazy. Through the “legalization” of Christianity we have taken away its core attraction… While I don’t agree with their principles, there is one thing about it – Al Quaeda members believe in what they are doing. Where is the Christian version of that? I’m not talking about suicide bombers… I’m talking about people who believe so radically and so violently in the Love of Jesus Christ that they will walk away from everything they have and lay down their life (even if it means death) in pursuit of that which first pursued them.

2. We can live without it

In the early church times, apathy wasn’t as prevalent. In American society, we are so blessed with doctors, banks, lawyers, and shrinks that we fall under the illusion of not needing God. I’m not talking about sinners out there in the world … I’m talking about the ’saints’ in the pews. Because “life is good” for us, then we assume we don’t need the power of God. Why don’t people pray in tongues for hours on end to build up their spirit? Or fast for days at a time to mortify their flesh? Because they don’t think they need to. Until the power of God becomes a priority, the church of God will be a joke. As for me, I’m hungry for the miracles, the judgment, the divine presence of God everyday of my life everywhere that I go I’m not just looking for a “good flow” or an exciting “service.”

3. We don’t recognize our depravity

In America, we’ve dulled our conscience to the point that “good” is the new “God.” If everything is “good,” then it must be “God.” Last time I checked, it was the knowledge of “GOOD and evil” that caused Adam to fall. It’s not enough for America to be a “good” nation or for you to live a “good” life. Instead, we were bought by a price that we didn’t deserve, spared a reality of hell that we completely deserved, and Jesus Christ shed His blood so that I might not have to shed mine… and yet I think being a “Christian” is optional?? I’m bought with a price… I don’t have an option. There’s no quit in me because I don’t have the option to quit. Oh I would love to quit; I would love to stop; I would love to just “take a break” sometime… but the servant doesn’t’ tell the master what to do; the master tells the servant what to do. I’m not my own master… I’ve been paid for and purchased and I am now a slave to Christ. I have no choices left in my life… except to follow the Christ who pursued after and apprehended me.

So therefore, whatsoever state I am in His grace is sufficient and I will be content. For He is my GUIDE, my Strength, my EVERYTHING. To Him be the Glory forever and ever AMEN.


Comments on: "Where are all the Heretics?" (1)

  1. Ken, thanks for this…it helps raise awareness of our state. However, awareness won’t motivate action until it meets with desperation.

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