Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

There are so many bizarre “reality” shows on TV these days. The strangest ones to me are “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”. What exactly is REALITY about that?? Where in the real world do you have a couple dozen guys come and live with one woman in a house and take turns “dating” her so she can find out which one is her “true love”? I mean, does anyone really buy the “true love” part of that? All the role playing, manipulation, back-stabbing to try to get someone’s attention? Yet, for some, this is their idea of “fairy tale romance.” Let’s keep it all in perspective, shall we? It’s all about the money!  But the popularity of these shows and the way viewers get caught up in the illusion of “romance” explains further why we get so caught up with a false idea of “perfection” and relationships in our society.

One of the reasons we don’t believe that God loves us the way we are is that we put Him in the same category as all the other relationships we’ve ever experienced. You know the dating drill…someone meets you, thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread, decide they’re going to date you, and THEN find out you’re not “perfect.” Then when you don’t measure up to their expectations, they say things like, “Maybe I’m not in love with you anymore,” or “You are just not the person I thought you were.” You didn’t change… you were like that when you first met them, they just didn’t know it because they were caught up in the infatuation and you were caught up in trying to be something you’re not to win their affection.

And here’s the difference…

God is not infatuated with you…God loves you. Agape love. Unconditional and unrestrained love. He knows you…He formed you…He had a plan for you from the foundation of the universe. He’s not merely infatuated with you until He finds out you’re not perfect and He’s not going to dump you because you have flaws or failures… He knows all that up front, even better than you do! You can’t fake Him out! His love for you is the true REALITY. And in that reality of Him, you have already been made perfect! So quit trying to live up to a false idea promoted by television designed by satan to keep you from enjoying the true love God intends you to have for Him AND for yourself!!!



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