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The Whole Truth

As you read this great piece by one of our new writers, think about this: poison is about 99% good for the rat. It’s the 1% that kills him. ~The Celebration

“Did you clean your room Christe?” Every week these words would echo through the house. Each time my answer would be yes. A lot of time, that answer was enough. But every now and then, Mom would come do inspections to see if I was telling the truth.

Scolding usually preceded the inspection as my mother felt compelled to remind me that I was told to clean my room, not move things around. And my room did seem clean at first glance, but if the closet door was opened or if a finger was wiped across the dresser…you get the picture.

I didn’t lie when I told my mom the room was clean, because part of the room really was clean. After all, if I tell part of the truth, isn’t that good enough? Like most kids, I found out the hard way that adding to or taking away from truth changes it to a lie.

Lately, we have been talking about different religions with the teenagers in our youth group. In researching some, I have found they all share a common thread of partial truth. Each one has a part of the truth but not the whole truth.

Looking at other religions, we can see how millions of people have believed lies. What about the lies we have believed? What partial truth have we accepted as whole truth?

Taking a look over my life, it saddens me to see just how many lies I have accepted. I thought my heavenly father would treat me like my earthly father…lies. I thought I had to do a lot of good things to earn God’s love…lies. I thought His love was conditional… lies. I felt that I was unworthy…lies. The list goes on. Those lies cost me my peace, joy, and ultimately my freedom.

John 8:32 tells us, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Lies bring bondage, but truth brings us the freedom that we seek. Apostle David has a saying; “We want the truth, no matter what the truth is.”

As a seeker of truth, we become a knower of truth. My mom was able to scold me about my room because she knew the truth; therefore she was able to recognize the lie or partial truth. Knowing truth enables us to recognize a lie. So, what lies have you accepted? What partial truth have you taken as whole truth?

Freedom in truth awaits…

~by Christe Grzehowiak


Comments on: "The Whole Truth" (1)

  1. Connie Robinson said:

    Anyone who thinks just a tad of untruth mixed with truth doesn’t hurt should drop a teaspoon of dirt in a gallon of water and ask themselves do they still want to drink it!
    Enjoyed your article! Eyeopening, or should I say “earopening?’

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