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What does it mean to be wanted? As babies, we all need love and support in order to grow, right? Well, in today’s society that’s a rare occurrence. I say that because most of us don’t know what real love is. We’ve all experienced someone telling us they ‘loved’ us only to disappear when things get hard. Real love is constant through the good times and bad. Love is a bridge over all of the hurt and pain in your life.

Kids often struggle with feeling wanted. They often try to change themselves to fit in with a certain group. Since I had a disability, I sometimes felt like kids couldn’t relate to me. Even family members had a hard time dealing with my disability. They would avoid being around me because they couldn’t deal with seeing me hurting. It was hard for them to cope with many of the things that go along with having a disabled child. What they didn’t realize was that all I ever wanted was for them to accept me.

Now that I’m older, I’ve realized that God loved me from the moment I was conceived in my mother’s womb. He intricately formed my features and loved me unconditionally before I ever breathed my first breath. In fact, I was actually a perfectly healthy baby in the womb, but because my brother and I were born so prematurely, I was put on a ventilator that caused a brain bleed and led to cerebral palsy. The CP, however, couldn’t take away from me the love or the plan that God has for my life. I know that He wants me and needs me to be a part of His kingdom, just as I am.

I’m so glad he loves me even when the world doesn’t understand me. I’m so glad He saved my life when I was a tiny baby. I’m so glad He is able to look past my wheelchair, my unsteady walk, and my scars. I’m so glad He wants me.

And you know what? God wants you, too!

~Madison Sanders

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