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Step it Up

You are BLESSED  to BE A BLESSING! If you’re not    feeling blessed, or you’re not being much of a blessing (just ask your wife or kids about that one), then maybe it’s time for you to step it up!

9 Steps (and counting) to Becoming a Blessing:

  • Know and be convinced that you have a destiny.
  • Guard your heart
  • Watch your words
  • Meditate God’s Word
  • Spend time with God
  • Live a life of fasting and prayer
  • Make time to worship the Lord
  • Obey your conscious
  • Find a coach

    Think about which step you might be skipping and concentrate on getting that piece into line. Trust God… He’ll help you ever time!

    ~Apostle David


    Comments on: "Step it Up" (3)

    1. connie robinson said:

      And a big Amen right there!!! From what I read here on your site, there are people being blessings all over the place there! I love reading the heart of the people there! Blesses me every time!

    2. connie robinson said:

      Thank you for sharing this! Sounds like a great new exercise program for this new year! :>)
      Nine fruits, nine gifts, just seems proper there would be nine steps! blessings from N.C.

      • The Celebration said:

        You’re right, Connie! Definitely something we should all desire to have working in our lives. I don’t think any of us can count ourselves truly blessed if we are not being a blessing to others.

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