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Have you ever been listening to a conversation and suddenly you were a million miles away? You know how it goes…you start off listening, but pretty soon you realize you missed the last 5 minutes of whatever it was your wife was saying. What about reading a book? You’re really into it, but, before you know it, you’ve read 3 pages and don’t remember anything because your mind drifted off? In each of these cases, you were definitely NOT in the moment. You weren’t “present.” You may have been alive and breathing, but you were definitely NOT tuned in. It’s hard, sometimes, to get better at being “present.” It often feels like no matter how hard you try your mind just wanders off. Sometimes I even get unfocused by being focused on being unfocused. It’s SO FRUSTRATING.

When the Greeks spoke of KAIROS, they weren’t referencing a specific time of day or a special moment. They were actually talking about an idea of PRESENTNESS. It’s the ideas of being “in the here and now.” Of being aware of what is going on in us and around us. Of constantly being in touch with who we are and what our Father would have us do. Jesus was awesome at being “present.” His ability to do only what He saw His Father do or say what His Father said stemmed from his CRAZY ability to live every moment in the KAIROS. I mean, He was never “thrown off” by a question, He was never “shocked” by a situation, He was never taken by surprise. He had the right answer and the right action…every single time.

How about you? Do you live tuned in? During ministry times, are you “present” to what God is wanting to do, or are you more concerned with what someone else is doing, circumstances you’re going through, or the things on your To Do list? Sometimes, we get so busy “minding” someone else’s business that our minds get off of God’s business for the moment. We might even be minding our own business, but we’re still not always “present” to what He is doing. Remember, our goal is not to be “present” only when we are ministering or in church, but also when we are living out our daily lives. Not just every once in a while, but everyday. We need to be present and in the moment at every opportunity. When we are, each moment is transformed from something ordinary to a KAIROS moment: a Kingdom moment.

How can we improve our focus? How can we live PRESENT? One way is to maintain a daily time of personal worship FOCUSING on Him. To do this, we should pray and worship with our understanding, rather than in our prayer language. I know, I know… we always talk about being sure we spend plenty of time each day praying in tongues for personal edification. Of course, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do that! What I am saying is that it’s extremely difficult to worship in ENGLISH and not keep your mind somehow TUNED IN. Focusing all of our words and worship on Him helps us learn how to be present.

Try it for yourself this week. Set aside time each day for personal worship and see if you can keep your mind focused on God. I think my record is about 5 minutes without any wandering, so don’t get down on yourself if you don’t make it much longer! If you catch yourself thinking about the laundry, work, or even what you’re going to minister on Sunday, then stop. Grab your mind and drag it back over to God and start over. It’s through this disciplined WORSHIP that you begin to re-train your soul to think and act like your spirit. Your spirit is always present to the moment, but your soul is another story. We’ve got to start training it so we can live in each and every KAIROS moment!



Comments on: "Presence" (2)

  1. connie robinson said:

    Wow, if I ever needed a right now word for today, this has got to be it! And to think, I almost didn’t take time to read it, because I was thinking of all the other things I should be doing! How can we put everything else before the most awesome, powerful, wonderful thing we can experience, Him! Thank you so much!

    • The Celebration said:

      I believe it was Martin Luther who is famous for saying, “I have so much to do today, that I must spend the first three hours of the day in prayer in order to be able to do it.” He is good, AND He always knows what we need to hear and when we need to hear it! I trust your day was very productive after having such a good start in Him!!


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