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You can make New Year’s Resolutions, you can fast, you can pray. The truth is that in order for this year to be any different than last year, we will have to learn to think differently. Our belief systems and mindsets have kept us from breaking into new realms of revelation up until now. Let’s look at some of the sources of our thoughts, so we can make necessary changes as this New Year unfolds:

1.   Some thoughts came to us by nature, through our families. We often think, act, and believe in the same way that our parents did.

2.   Much of our thinking came to us through the environment we were brought into. Both good and bad conditions that we live in shape our thinking and our believing.

3.   Our mindsets have been taught to us by family, teachers, and religion. We think and believe the way we do because others taught us to.

4.   The relationships we have influence the way we think and believe. Birds of a feather flock together…you will congregate with people who think and believe like you do.

5.   Experience is a powerful teacher. Your experiences in life have helped establish and verify your thinking patterns and beliefs.

So, what can we do to change our mindsets and establish new belief systems?

1.   First and foremost, you must have a change of nature. You must be born again, receiving the nature of God.

2.   You need to change your environment. You can shape your world-your environment-with the words of your mouth.

3.   You have to change what you are being taught. You can’t go where God wants you to go in life by doing and believing the same things that got you where you are today. You need the truth from the heart of God in order to change…not old doctrine and tradition.

4.   Your relationships must change. Sometimes that involves leaving old, unfruitful relationships behind. Some people will go with you on this pursuit, but your relationship with them will still change as you all grow and are transformed into Christ’s image.

5.   You need to expose yourself to new experiences.

How much do you want to change? You will need to act on what you know in order to effect a true change of thinking and believing in your life!


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