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Dominion goes to the Dogs

“Raleigh, come here!”


“Come baaaack!”




Ken eventually came outside and told me “Don’t scream at the dog, he’ll know you’re freaking out.”  I thought, “Of course, I’m freaking out!  He used to obey when I told him to come to me. He used to come running when he thought I was going to leave him behind. If we didn’t let him off the leash and run around during the day, he wouldn’t think he could go in the woods anytime he wants to.”

As I went into the house and Ken got the dog, I started to think how this applies to many other areas in life. When we have certain things “on a leash” (budget, schedule, responsibilities), they behave and do everything we ask them to. But once we take the leash off, they look at you and take off running into the woods, and no matter how much you call they don’t come back to you.

You might think you’re disciplined enough that you don’t have to write out and follow a budget, but pretty soon you find yourself standing out in the yard screaming, “Money!  Come here money!  Get back here!  MONEY!!!!”

Or you might think you’ve gotten that healthy diet down as a lifestyle and it won’t hurt to “cheat” a bit. Suddenly, you’re looking in the mirror calling for that skinny waistline or great fitting clothes to come back out of the woods, but they’re not obeying!

Maybe it’s your marriage, your parenting skills, your relationships, your work ethic, your creativity…you fill in the blank.

Sometimes, we need to put life back on the leash. If we don’t have dominion in certain areas of our lives, then we need to stop pretending we’ve got our act together and have a serious reality check. We may have thought we had those things together, but maybe we really didn’t. Until we are really disciplined in many areas, we need to keep a tighter rein.

What Kingdom principles are truly operating in your life? Better be sure you keep things on a leash until you find out!

~Cynthia Hendrix


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