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Don’t Flinch!

Little baby chicks are so cute and small. But when I had the opportunity to reach in and touch one, I instinctively said, “I don’t want it to bite me!”

Isn’t that what we usually do with people? We don’t want others to hurt us, so we hold back. If we are brave enough to start building a relationship, we flinch and pull away as soon as others try to help us. Admit it; you’ve had someone give you constructive criticism and you’ve flinched. You instinctively pulled away from that person the minute you thought you might get “bitten.”

Sometimes we pull away from the very people we need in our lives the most.

Pulling away from them isn’t going to change our situation. It will only distance us further from our lifeline. If you were drowning, would you swim away from the rope? No! You would swim furiously until you latched on.

Hopefully we will all realize the importance of having someone in our lives that loves us enough to tell us the truth. God has given each of us an opportunity to latch onto His lifeline. He plucks us out of situations when we seek Him, but He uses the people around us to do it. In order to grow, we need to face the truth and not shy away from it. Instead of flinching in fear at what might happen when God sends people into your life, embrace your new opportunity for change!

~Madison Sanders


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