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Have you ever been so accustomed to someone or something just always BEING there? It becomes so familiar, such a part of you, that you don’t even notice it – until it’s missing. The anointing can be the same way. After 12 years of ministry through music, I can say, with absolutely no hesitation:

You have to maintain to contain.

You have to maintain your relationship with God in order to contain His message. You have to maintain your godly character to contain His divine endorsement. You have to maintain your communication with Holy Ghost in order to contain His Rhema.

When we forget about the everyday maintenance of our life in Christ, it’s easy to become apathetic to His presence. He take it for granted that He’ll always be there, every time you need Him, he’ll pop out like a jack-in-the-box. But when you don’t maintain the small things, like prayer, giving thanks, and reading and meditating the Bible on a regular basis, then there will come a day when you call for Him to minister and He’s not there.

It’s like He’s standing back saying, “You were able to live the rest of your life this last month without talking to me. Why don’t you just heal that guy on your own, too?”

Just a friendly reminder – maintain – before you suddenly look around asking, “Dude, where’s my anointing?”

~Anessa Back


Comments on: "Dude, Where’s My Anointing?" (1)

  1. WOW!!! Now this really convicted me. Sometimes I get so busy doing other things that my prayer life is slacked and it shows instantly! Thank you so much for sharing this because this was for me!!!

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