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The Beauty and the Beasts

Growing up, I loved watching Disney movies.  My all time favorites were the ones where a prince would come and rescue a princess in distress (of course).  I loved Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty…but my number one favorite was  Beauty and the Beast.  I still enjoy watching it from time to time.

Beauty and the Beast is different from the other movies on my list of favorites. The others all start off with beautiful girl and a handsome prince. But not this one…

In this movie a strange, but beautiful girl isn’t understood by anyone except her father.  Everyone in her home town is attracted to her beauty, but they stay away from her for the most part because they don’t understand her quirky behavior.

Later on in the movie, she stumbles upon an enchanted castle where everyone is under a spell because of the prince’s behavior.  The prince was spoiled, unkind, and selfish, and because of this, he was transformed into a hideous beast until he could find someone to love him.  The beautiful girl starts spending time with the beast and falls in love with him.  At the end, the spell is broken because of the beauty’s love for a beast.

I put myself in the beast’s place to see if I could understand his feelings, and slowly I realized that he and I are a lot alike.  Because I’m a human being, I am spoiled at times, unkind to others, and I’m very selfish!  Wow!  He and I do have a good bit in common!  Once I realized this, I started thinking… if I was the beast, who would be my Prince Charming to save me?

A revelation started dawning over the horizon in my mind…my Prince Charming did come and save me, and his name was Jesus!  Jesus, this beautiful and pure man came and saved me, the beast, because He loved me just the way I was!  How special and wonderful He is to bestow his love upon a worthless, selfish beast!  Because of His great love for me when I was unworthy, I became WORTHY!!

His great love for us is more powerful than anything we may be experiencing today, this week, or this year.  He is a great God and He loves us, and because of His love ,we are saved.  We are all indebted to the Beauty that saved us Beasts.



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  1. We all are indebted to him. Great article.

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