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No Shouting??!!

I was at one of my college classes the other night awaiting another 3 hour lecture.  I sat there listening to the new guest of the week.  He began speaking about another boring school related topic, so naturally my mind began to wonder somewhere during those 3 hours.  I began thinking about what I could eat when I got home, what I would do the next day, and that I needed to call……

“God doesn’t shout.”

Hold up….has he even read the same Bible I have?  How could he speak with so much untruth about God at a Christian school?

Suddenly my brain focused back on the man speaking.  I began listening  intensely to pick through his words and beliefs on God.  If he wanted my attention…well…now he had the whole floor.

At the end of the class, my mind was questioning his words. What does he mean God doesn’t shout?  When he reads the Bible, who does he think was shouting at Moses? It was God!! Where was he looking when God shouted at Job?  There are so many examples where God shouts at us to get our attention because we’re not listening to anything He has to say.  When God speaks, it’s always full of importance.  God never wastes His breath.

I don’t know about you, but I can be a little…..okay fine…….a lot hard headed.  I sometimes go through the day not giving much thought to what God’s trying to say to me, but at least I do know that when God shouts at me, I need to listen.  I’ve been paying closer attention this past seeking time to what God has been shouting at me. Because I’ve been too stubborn in the past to take my fingers out of my ears to listen when he’s speaking, He often has to shout to get my attention.  Sometimes we all need a shout to get our focus back on what’s important!

Here’s what I’m shouting to you…..What’s God shouting to you?   What was preventing you from listening before?


Comments on: "No Shouting??!!" (1)

  1. Love others as I love them. See them as I see them. Hear them as I hear them. What prevented me from hearing before —-me—- I wanted to only love them to a certain degree and that goes for all the areas mentioned.

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