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In Between

I gazed at the beautiful photograph as summer-time childhood memories danced in my head. The hydrangeas contrasted beautifully with the rustic fence. The blooms were bright and full, so inviting I could almost smell them.

“This bush finally had blooms about 5 years after I planted it,” my friend said. “I don’t know whether to say I was patient on waiting for it to bloom or stubborn because I wanted to leave it planted there. Turned out nice, though.”

I wondered how many of us would have left the bush there for that long, when it seemed like it wasn’t producing. Still, she left it there because she loved the plant. Five long years had passed with no blooms, but now the plant is flourishing. The photo was beautiful, but no one saw the waiting period. That plant was getting ready to blossom in the midst of the dry spell. Anyone can marvel at the bush’s beauty now; only a gardener could appreciate the process.

You may be like that hydrangea, feeling dry and lifeless with no blooms to show that you are growing. Don’t pull up your roots just yet! You could be on the verge of something great and miss out because your life doesn’t match the picture you had in your head. Just because you’re in a seemingly lifeless spot where time ticks by slowly, doesn’t mean what God told you in the previous seasons has changed. His Word is still the same!

How many times have we wanted to move from where we’re planted? If we do, we will miss our opportunity to bloom.

~Madison Sanders


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