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Non Negotiables

All churches…and all people for that matter… should have some core values that are non negotiable. Storms may come and storms may go, but the rock on which your church stands will determine its ability to stand through trials and tribulations. At our church, we have 5 core values that define our culture, our mission, and our vision.  These core values are non-negotiables that we don’t debate and that we use as a guide for everything else.

  1. The WORD – Everything must be built upon and supported by the Word of God.  We believe the Bible is a compass for daily living and that while individual actions may not always be clearly defined in the Word, there is and must always be a Biblical precedent for the actions we take and the decisions we make.
  2. SPIRIT-LED – We should not be content to just be “effective.”  We aren’t looking to produce the perfect program or “great” classes.  Instead, it is our goal to build a church of individuals who are spirit-led.  We put a great emphasis on excellence, but following the promptings and urgings of the spirit of God within us is our first priority. We believe it is through our born-again spirit that God leads us, guides us in His paths and establishes Kingdom government in this world.
  3. MORTIFICATION – We literally live and die on mortification.  This is the process of dying to your “mind of sin” and being born into your “mind of Christ.”  Through praying in tongues as much as possible, we edify our spirits and build them up.  Through fasting, we weaken the strongholds in our souls that empower wrong thinking.  Through individual worship, we empower our spirit to have dominance over the old thinking of our soul.  This is what we call the mortification process, which we believe is God’s primary process of spiritual development in New Testament believers.
  4. FAITH – We believe that Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God.  It is the primary language, social structure, and method of Kingdom business happening.  It is also the primary distinctive that separates Christianity from the rest of the world.  We believe that Faith in our sonship to God is the source of our eternal security, our present peace, and our future mission.
  5. NEW TESTAMENT GOVERNMENT – We believe that the New Testament church had a specific government and authority.  Through Apostolic leadership, God is able to set a course that empowers all the gifts in the Body of Christ to be effectively equipped and matured.

Through these core values we execute the vision of God for our church.  While we frequently have changes in specific expressions of the vision, our heart is always to:

–       Teach people to walk by faith in the principles of God’s Word

–       Equip people to grow and mature to do the work of the ministry

–       Provide a place where supernatural manifestations of the spirit are prevalent to meet needs and set people free

–       Evangelize and transform our community and the surrounding area by providing salvation for spirit, soul, and body

–       Provide a model of ministry and church growth in order to develop and strengthen ministries and other churches

What are YOUR non negotiables?



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