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Miracles in My Mess

Have you ever noticed how God shows up in the most unlikely places with the most unlikely people? Six years ago, I started working in my local elementary school. If you had asked me 15 years ago if I could see myself doing that, I would have said, “NO WAY!” My self-esteem was so low. Relationships have never been the easiest thing for me. I tried to appear collected on the outside, but on the inside I stayed in turmoil in my mind and emotions. But GOD used a lady at work to help me change all of that. No, she wasn’t a great friend who made me feel welcome; she was actually quite mean and hard. She was always abrupt and cold. I couldn’t understand why she hated me! Her attitude toward me certainly didn’t help the self-esteem issues I was dealing with! Or did they?

I remembered what Apostle David always says: hurting people hurt people. So, in the middle of all of my own hurt, I cried out to God for her. I asked Him to show me what I could do to love her, in spite of herself. The Lord dealt with me to pray for her. I also asked Him if there were something I could do for her, and I heard Him say, “SMILE at her.” And so I did…in spite of how hard it was!

Did things change? Sure, in only a few short years. Yes, I said years! Not days or weeks, but years. Then one day, out of the blue, she ran up to me and said, “Sherrie my husband got saved!” I rejoiced with her and gave her Apostle David’s book on prayer, which she soaked up like a sponge! She took hold of the message in that little book and lost 50 pounds! She even got off her blood pressure medicine. Now, she and I are good friends. But she wasn’t the only one who had changed…I had changed, too. Through all of this, God used this woman to show me that one way to break down walls in me is to cry out to Him for someone who is hurting me. What I saw as a mess, God saw as a miracle in the making…for two!

~Sherrie Vaughn, guest writer


Comments on: "Miracles in My Mess" (1)

  1. The Celebration said:

    I love this testimony, Sherrie. This is exactly what we are talking about at church on Wednesday nights… faith working through LOVE! I’m so thankful you were able to share this post with your friend as well… who knows what God has in store for your relationship now… there are hundreds of people who can benefit from this encouraging word!!!

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