Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.


What if today you heard heaven yell,

“Hell is up ahead!” Wouldn’t you listen?

And we all like to sing a thing called pretty,

and make it our reality. Isn’t that religion?

Well, I don’t want pretty; I want beauty,

because pretty doesn’t cut it for what’s been done for me.


Pretty is fine, but treasure is meant to keep.

What does it mean to put it deep, and also make it shine?

Heaven help me, because I’m going to trash

the treasure You gave me and make it just another

fashion trend. Let me wear what I need to wear,

and I know You’ll appear where I appear.


To lose a voice is hard, but to gain one is harder.

I hope it doesn’t sound pretty to You. I hope

it sounds beautiful just like You are. I know

it doesn’t sound right, in fact I’m sure its out of tune,

but You are welcome to coach me. I will sing of

how all the knees will bow. Even the pretty ones.


~by Josh Brannen, guest writer


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