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I love Jesus and hope my life is a reflection of His life every day of the year… but I stop to celebrate His birth on December 25th. On that day, the whole world celebrates Him…even those who may not know Him or who may not know Him well. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Christians AND non-Christians celebrate Christmas, I would never have come to know Christ myself. I never knew Him, nor did I understand Him, but at Christmas my heart stretched out to try to find out more about Him. Eventually, that celebration took root so that it remains a part of my life 365 days a year. But, even though I celebrate my life in Christ every day, I still take time to join with the rest of the world to celebrate His birth at Christmas.
Recently, a dear friend of mine, who is an African American male, asked why we should make a big deal of Black History Month when we should celebrate the contributions, culture, and history of Black Americans all throughout the year. I answered him with this response… 

While I am not black, I hope that my daily life and character reflects the deeply felt respect and admiration I have for the intense struggle people of color have had to endure, and for the many amazing contributions to the world that have been made at great sacrifice and against all odds. I have that respect and love in me all the time, and I share it at every opportunity with my family, friends, and students. But it wasn’t always that way…I remember the very first Black History Month back in 1976… I didn’t know anything about Black History and didn’t understand why it was important, but I stretched my heart out to find out more. I think it’s important to celebrate Black History so that those who may not know anything about it (as I once did not) or may not know it well can stop and say, “That’s important. I have learned something of value. I have a deeper appreciation now for this history and how it has shaped my life.” Eventually, that celebration will take root in the hearts of people so that it remains a part of their lives, too… 365 days a year.

What are your thoughts?


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