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Running the Race of Humility

HUMILIY: operating confidently in the fact that you are nothing, and yet Christ- the power of God and the wisdom of God- is everything in you.

I’m confident in my running abilities for a number of reasons.

When I was in second grade, I listened as my coaches declared that I was born to run … right before racing me against other kids twice my size and age. In Middle School, I listened when Coach told me that I was created to set records and make history… right before she made me run the 400-meter dash (the race I dreaded most because I usually had the smallest legs on the track). Even as a freshman in high school, I listened when Coach Taylor told me that I was meant to overcome obstacles that had killed others…right before we stepped off the bus to compete in the statewide championship for the 4×100 relay race.

My coaches never gave me the opportunity to bask in the sun with a huge ego. As it is with most who are naturally great at something, it was the challenges that knocked me off my “high-horse” and provoked me to find my runner’s heart and love of the sport.

Everyone is confident in their own abilities if they have never been required to “exercise” their wit. Humility for me has been a constant reminder that no matter how great I am, the true challenge is that I am nothing in my own strength. I am nothing without Him who created me. It was He who gave me my medium-body build. It was He who gave me my short stature. It was He who gave me my high metabolism and size nine feet. When all of those things were put together, it was He who made it possible for me to be an ideal sprinter, echoing deep in my spirit through the voice of my coaches- that I was born for a purpose and with a purpose, that I was created to make history for the kingdom of God and that I was made to overcome stumbling blocks and make them my starting blocks instead!

Yes, I am the runner. God is my coach! Life is my track! And, humility keeps my feet running between the lines.

~Vickie Bowman


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