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An Artist Blooms

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We think it’s important to celebrate the talents and gifts in those around us. So often, the young get overlooked as we all await for “their gifts to mature.” We look around at early spring flowers, thinking how beautiful they are when they first begin to bloom. In the same way, we wanted to celebrate the artistry that is blooming in a special young lady who’s part of our church family. These gorgeous photos were all taken by 15 year-old Monica…. let her gift be a blessing to you today!

~The C


Comments on: "An Artist Blooms" (5)

  1. These photos just touched my heart. Not only do they glorify God but Monica is using her talents to glorify Him. Hallelujah !!!

  2. What a beautiful gift!

  3. Barbara said:

    You have captured some of our Father’s most awesome creations. They should be shared, again and again. Everyone should pass them on to everyone they know, for these pictures tell what a mighty and awesome God we serve!

  4. Monica,

    I’ve always loved your photos because I love seeing things from your perspective. Keep up the great work!

  5. This is a great gift. I love photograhy and love to see what it is in the eye of the beholder. Monica captures what she wants the people to see. I love it.

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