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Raised me to royalty

Seated me at Your right hand

Promised me family

Brought me into Your land

You wrapped me in purple

Placed Your scepter in my hand

How could You do this

Knowing what I am?

I look at my filthy rags

I can’t get past my stains

You see me as a righteous one

And call me by Your Name

When all the earth has turned away

You beckon me to come

And step into Your place for me

As Your beloved son

You wrapped me in purple

Placed Your scepter in my hand

I’ll magnify You eternally

And praise You as I am



by Linda Frederick

Comments on: "Purple" (4)

  1. Linda, I think Poetry is a lot like a word of wisdom. The Lord gives it to us (I feel) to share somtimes and to sometimes just minister to us. I feel he dropped this one in your spirit to be shared, because it is bursting with life! I know it sure ministered to me! I guess I am trying to say,please share on! We need to hear what you have to say!

  2. I love to write and read poetry,especially when it comes from someones spirit! You painted a beautiful picture of how he sees us,and who we are in him!
    I was humbled to read this!
    love and rejoicing

    • The Celebration said:

      Thank you, Connie. I’m always hesitant to share poetry that I write… still insecure in my ability to do it well. But this one just had to be published because HE is soooo good!!


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