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La Paloma

I promised to tell you more about some of the Kingdom work going on in the beautiful nation of Nicaragua.

Global Cause Network has it’s Central American Headquarters in a sleepy little coastal town called Masachapa. God is very purposeful when He gives directions for overthrowing the kingdoms of darkness in a nation.

Masachapa was once a jewel on the Pacific, filled with wealthy landowners. Beach front vacation homes belonged to many of the elite of Nicaragua of the 1920’s-30’s, including President Juan Bautista Sacasa and some of his family. When Somoza overthrew Bautista in the 30’s, he took over the entire territory surrounding Masachapa, eliminating Bautista’s family and deporting all of Masachapa’s citizens. He then moved into the former president’s home and made it a regional headquarters, naming it Embajada de los Murciélagos (Embassy of the Bat). Somoza so despised Bautista that he ordered his troops to round up all of the poorest people of  Nicaragua and bring them to Masachapa, basically dumping them into this waste of a town to scavenge for their livelihood. Somoza did this to bring disgrace on Bautista’s name and all that had been a symbol of his influence and prosperity. During the reign of the Somoza family, the house in Masachapa remained a seat of power and influence. After the Somozas were overthrown by the Sandanistas, the house fell into disrepair and ruin, blending in with the town.

In 2004, Apostle Jonas Clark found the ruined estate and purchased it for the headquarters of Global Cause International. Rechristening it Embajada La Paloma… Embassy of the Dove… it has become a symbol of new birth and restoration throughout the territory. When our ministry teams travel to Masachapa…this is where we stay. How cool is that?! The apostolic mindset is to establish government for the Kingdom of God. It’s prophetically symbolic that this apostolic ministry has taken dominion of a building that has historical significance  in the political life of this nation. God’s people in Nicaragua are reclaiming places in both the spiritual and the natural realms that should belong to the Kingdom…starting with La Paloma! This beautiful house is still a seat of power and influence, only now it is a tool for the Kingdom of Light!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the church and school in Masachapa.


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