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Love is Patient

Earlier this week I had an experience that showed me just how patient I was.  It’s NOT much!  If you ask my fiance, he’ll tell you everything! I hate repeating myself when people can’t hear me, I don’t like waiting in line forever, and I don’t like walking slow when I can get somewhere going fast.

Throughout my life (all 22 years of it), God has been working on me and my patience level.  It’s been improving a great deal… I can wait for my fiance to finish with my laptop when he’s taking his sweet time cruising the internet, for instance.  I thought that I was almost there and that I didn’t have too far to go in my love walk where patience is concerned…but my recent experience has, once again, proven me  wrong.

I was praying at church during our prayer time when I felt a little hand slip into mine.  I thought, “Awwww, how sweet!”  So I held the little hand in mine while I prayed.  I prayed for a while and then  I felt the little hand slip out from mine.  I thought that was the end of that, but then the child came back three other times and did the same thing.  I thought, “Can’t she make up her mind?  Either stay with me or without me.  I’m tired of dealing with her coming to me and then leaving me.  If she comes over here again I’m not going to hold her hand.

I went on praying, and God spoke to me in my spirit saying, “How many times have you been like this child?

Whoa, God!  How is that possible?

“How many times have you left My side to do what you want to do?  Have you ever thought that it might bother Me when you do this, but yet time and time again, I have been faithful to hold your hand and never leave you and to remain by your side when you come to Me.”

Ouch!  God, you’re right.  God, how and why do you put up with me and my wishy-washy self?

“Elyse, there is no trying for Me.  I love you, and because I love you I’m patient with you.  My love is incomprehensible to people who don’t know Me.  I’m faithful to hold your little hand even when it may be the thousandth time you’ve left and come back, instead of just the third time.”

After that I gave thought to the scriptures in I Corinthians about the characteristics of love.  Right there at the top of the list is…..”Love is patient.”  I prayed, “God, I’m sorry for being so selfish and believing that I was almost perfect in my love walk in patience.  I know I still have a long way to go.  Help me to become more patient.”

I instinctively knew what my first step in this direction was going to be.  As soon as I felt the little hand slip into mine for the fourth time, I took hold it and held it tight.  Knowing that God has so much patience for me because He loves me, and it shouldn’t be too hard for me to learn from Him because I was made in His image.  I am like Christ, and because I’m made this way I can walk in love and be patient with others.

~Elyse Brannen


Comments on: "Love is Patient" (2)

  1. Elyse Brannen said:

    Thanks Mrs. Barbara. My love walk hasn’t been easy but it’s definately worth everything.

  2. Your article should be an eye opener to each of us. No matter what areas we think we have conquered. We still see through a glass darkly. We are made in His image, and if we don’t give up, we will become like Him in this life.

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