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St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Okay… so just for fun, I had a limerick writing session with some of my team this week. It was really just to try to stretch ourselves creatively, and we had a lot of fun trying. Turns out limericks are pretty hard to write if you want them to actually make sense! Anyway… I hope you enjoy them! If you can come up with a CLEAN limerick to add to our list, submit it in the comments!

Coming to Gateway

Sweet and sour on a stick

Encourage the children’s tongues to lick

To get on the bus

And party with us

At Gateway for candy, music, and a flick



For Apostle David

No Yellow-bellied sissy dogs here

No Micky-Mouse filled up with fear

Gotta grow you a spine

And you better not whine

Or you won’t last around here for a year!

Our House

This is a place to be spirit-led

Where you follow God instead of your head

The love is tough

But it’s more than enough

And the best days are still up ahead!

Mrs. Linda

There was a woman so tall

Who made us all feel small

She once was agnostic

Her temper quite caustic

But now she’s not so bad at all

Back at you, Joshua

There once was a drummer named Josh

A lot of drums he did squash

A bang with a stick

And a head like a brick

My God, how I wish he would wash!


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