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Kingdom Living

Do we preach the message that Jesus preached? He taught and preached the Kingdom of God, then demonstrated the Kingdom through His actions. For years, we have preached healing, prosperity, salvation, Holy Ghost, and deliverance. Jesus never preached on these subjects. He did not preach salvation, the Cross, or His death, burial, and resurrection. He never taught healing, prosperity or deliverance. Jesus simply operated and functioned in the Kingdom as an example to us as the King of kings. In Genesis 1, God gave man dominion over the Earth and all of the creatures in the Earth. When Jesus was here, He walked in that dominion. He exercised authority over the sea, food, demons, animals, plants, sickness and disease, and even the weather. He demonstrated to His disciples what it meant to be a citizen in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Once we understand that our purpose is to establish His Kingdom here on Earth, we will not have any problem getting our prayers answered. We pray for daily bread because we cannot function in the Kingdom without food to sustain our physical bodies for the work of the Kingdom. We have thought for so long that it was all about us. We thought that God wanted us healed so we wouldn’t be in pain; that He wanted us to prosper so we would be blessed; that He did all these things for us simply because He loves us. Does He love us? Yes, but He did not create us to be a blessing to ourselves. He created us for Him and for His Kingdom.

~Apostle David Coker


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