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Trying My Patience

Okay, so I know no one is like me where they get annoyed easily, but I have an experience that I wanted to share with all you perfect people. I know everyone else is easy to forgive and slow to anger, but I must tell you all that I am NOT one of these people. It’s not that I’m not working on this, but it is a GREAT struggle for me. I meet a specific person at a specific place everyday, and this person never smiles except when it’s to start trouble for me. When I go to say something to this person, he either ignores my presence or is bluntly disrespectful to my face. Everyday, he says negative and inappropriate things to others as well as to myself. Everyday, when I leave from this place, I feel drained, angry, frustrated, aggravated, annoyed, and worn out!!!

I go home and chill for a while. I calm down. Then, I begin to reflect on my day, and I begin to think about that ONE person. I pray, “God, give me the patience to deal with this person tomorrow.” And then I think I’m going to have a different opinion about this person tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes around it never fails for yesterday to repeat itself.

I know love is patient. I know love is kind. I know love is forgiving, but my patience is being tried. Yes, I know I need to put all this into action, but right now I’m putting all my faith into God to help and change my opinion about this person, since that is what I’m struggling with. I know that His love is perfect, and His ways are higher than my ways, and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. With God, the impossible IS possible! Thank God for His PERFECT LOVE, and His trying of my patience to make my love more like His!


Comments on: "Trying My Patience" (3)

  1. Gay Dowdy said:

    What comes to mind as I read this is Romans 12:21. Think how would God love him? A beautiful smile with nothing said or maybe “Thank you for helping me see my faults” and take his insults. Isn’t that what Jesus did? And, of course, don’t forget to pray for our enemies. Jesus did have plenty of them. Just something to think about.

  2. Sherrie Vaughn said:

    I read your article. I have walked where you are walking. I understand. The greatest advice I can give you is to pray for him. I know that sounds typical of me but before you tuned me out. Try to listen to wisdom speaking, not mine but Gods. You maybe the only intersessor that person has. Look at every episode as a place to change and be matured. Because he will not be the first person you will have to deal with like that.It took me going through 4 years of standing in the situation I was in. Do not give up. If the devil can’t steal your joy he can’t get your goods. When he says something..ask yourself is their any truth in what he’s saying. Let him be a stepping stone to grow you love walk on!
    I love you!

  3. Faith says that God is bigger than this person’s faults. So let your faith produce great patience so you can become perfect and entire wanting NOTHING!

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