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14 Times to Fast

When do I need to fast? Do I fast only in January? Only during “seeking times”? What if I feel like I should fast at other times? How do I know when to do it?

These are some common questions people have about fasting. Here are some tips for believers who want answers about fasting:

1.  Fast when a proclaimed fast is called in your local church. There is a special grace to fast when the church family you are connected to is also committed to spending time seeking God.

2.  Fast regularly in order to keep your flesh under control and to keep you sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Living a fasted lifestyle will help you maintain your walk with God.

3.  Fast whenever the Spirit of God leads you to fast. It’s easy to be pressured into fasting by others and it’s easy to be pressured NOT to fast by your flesh. Listen carefully to Holy Ghost and fast when He leads you to.

4.  Fast when the hunger for God begins to exceed your hunger for natural things. Help nurture this hunger by fasting natural things in your life.

5.  Fast when you don’t feel like praying. Your flesh needs to be made subject to your spirit, and if you don’t feel like praying, then your flesh is dominating you.

6.  Fast when you’re under attack from the enemy. Fasting doesn’t stop the devil, but it does help you become more aware of God’s plan and will for your life. Fasting also helps reveal the things in you that the enemy is using against you.

7.  Fast when you need peace over a situation. Fasting settles things in your heart, establishing the Word of God as the supreme truth in your life, thereby bringing you peace.

8.  Fast when your flesh is dominating you. There’s nothing like showing your appetites who’s boss!

9.  Fast when you need deliverance. If something has a grip on you, you can loosen it by feeding your spirit instead of your flesh.

10.  Fast when you need to hear from God about something specific. Fasting doesn’t make God talk to you or even get His special attention. What it does, however, is sharpen our sensitivity to our spirits, making His voice more clear to us.

11.  Fast when you need your prayers answered. Again, fasting doesn’t move God. Fasting moves the things in you that are hindering your prayers out of the way.

12.  Fast when you need to break the ceilings (your spiritual limitations) in your life. We’ve all experienced the sensation of going around in circles. If you’ve been bumping up against the same thing, year after year, maybe it’s time for you to fast and pray in order to see clearly what it is that is standing in your way.

13.  Fast when you want an increase of the anointing. In order for Him to increase in our lives, we must decrease. One way to do that is to spend time fasting.

14.  Fast when you need to kill the “flies in your ointment.” You know those pesky things in your soul that hinder you from fulfilling God’s plan for your life? Things like pride, bitterness, envy, fear… Fasting will help your spirit put those things to death.

Remeber… how much you fast will be determined by:

1.  How hungry you are

2.  The strongholds in your life

3.  Your assignment from God



Comments on: "14 Times to Fast" (1)

  1. tam7777 said:

    All of the above is the right answer. Be led by the Spirit and you will know exactly what to do and when to do it.

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