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Visions of an unkempt yard brimming with thorny purple wildflowers invaded my thoughts as sleep tried to come.

My mind revolved the image over and over again as I drifted on the brink of sleep. Understanding began to come, as I realized our souls are like that unkempt yard, filled with thorny “weeds” that keep us from God’s best for our lives. Those weeds are the pain of rejection, anger towards someone, or pride. You know the thoughts that you would never dare breathe aloud to another soul? Yeah, those are weeds too.

Those weeds and thorns become rooted deeper as we are filled with pain and resentment. The longer we let those weeds and thorns take root in our souls, the harder it is to get rid of them. There is hope though. God’s grace is more than enough to root the thorny mess out of our lives!

We try to hide those weeds, but after a while it becomes more difficult to maintain our calm exterior. We want others to believe we have tended to our hearts with much time and care, but eventually those weeds take over. Finally, we must make the decision to do some “yard” work saying, “Whatever it takes to get rid of this mess, I’ll do it God!”

Like giving in to the sleep that finally came to me, we must all fully surrender to the Father. We must be willing to let Him root out the thorns and thistles keeping us from pursuing Him.

So, what are you waiting for? Wake up and get to digging!

~Madison Sanders


Comments on: "Unkempt" (1)

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this writing! Your words were so well written and really spoke to what I have been dealing with, the nasty old weeds in my heart. I’m so glad you allowed the Lord to flow through you because people need to hear this, especially the part where you said the THOUGHTS that we dare tell another soul. We really have to guard our minds and continue to allow the Lord to prune us DAILY because the enemy is looking for something to latch onto to pull you down even more. Thanks so much for this message.

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