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Today’s the Day

The first Sunday in 1997 was the first time we heard Apostle David preach. He told the congregation he had heard from God and that we would receive a “miracle offering” of $60,000 or more in ONE MONTH. To be honest, I thought, ”Here we go again. Another Faith man trying to manipulate the crowd into giving some money by saying ‘God said…’”

I’d seen it before, mind you. MANY TIMES. But what I hadn’t seen was any kind of anointing on it. What I hadn’t seen was it coming to pass. Even though I’d heard Faith folks say these kinds of things, I had never seen any of them actually be able to do it. Not only that, but as much as I had wanted to give into those offerings before, it seemed that the principles of faith (purposing in your heart to give and all that) just wouldn’t work. When I recognized the anointing on the words Apostle David spoke and saw the great joy with which the congregation received the word, I decided I’d give it a go one more time. I said, “Okay, God. I’ve been wanting to give $500 in a lump sum for as long as I’ve been a Christian and haven’t been able to do it yet. You know we have very little income right now. Whatever You get into my hands outside of our regular income in this next month, I’ll give. I would like to give at least $500.”

Well, we had a bible study going at our house at the time, and the next meeting someone randomly said, “I feel the Lord wants us to take an offering for Linda as she is opening her house and feeding us the Word.” So, they did…every week for that entire month. When February 2, 1997 rolled around, Dave and I had $504 to give into that first miracle offering.

The total offering that day was $61,000 and some change. I wept with joy to see the Word of God actually working where finances were concerned, and we’ve seen it time and again for as long as we’ve been at Gateway.

Guess what? Today’s the day we all get to see it again!!!


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  2. Betty Chapman said:

    I have always given to the offering, but it has been from what I had. This year I said, “Ok God, send the the unexpected money.” Well, of course the devil tried to steal the gift. My car overheated last week and it needed a new radiator to the tune of $350.00. Well the devil did not win, and I have my unexpected money this morning! Praise be to God! You do not know how wonderful it is to be able to give to God!


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