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Pocket Surprise

I’m currently doing a student teaching at an Elementary School, and when you work in a school you see just about anything and everything.  Well, during this week I was teaching Math to a class.  I thought the lesson went great, because I knew the material and got a lot of feedback from the kids.  I was pumped up thinking I captured ALL my students’ attention!  When the students were leaving the classroom to go into another class, one of the girls came up to me.  I thought she was going to tell me she learned something new from my most awesome of all awesomeness lesson.  She leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “The girl beside me has a caterpillar in her pocket ,and she was playing with it the whole time during Math class.”  BANG!  I came down from my clouds to a crash landing on the ground.  I stood back and looked at the girl with wide eyes, and then I called the girl over that had the caterpillar in her pocket.  She knew what she was coming up to me for and handed over her Math class joy.  I took the caterpillar outside to set him free from his crowded pocket prison.

Then I thought about how many times things that are so small get me distracted in everyday life.  I mean, think about it… there are people you talk to, issues you have to deal with, places that you have to go, and things you have to do.  But, these things we make such a BIG deal about are so small in comparison to what we should be doing, and the sad thing is we don’t see it because we are so focused on what we’re doing.  I was focusing on my lesson and the little girl, her caterpillar.  These things seem to be more important to us because we are focusing more on them.

Sometimes my focus gets distracted from where my focus should be.  Sometimes I am that little girl with the caterpillar in her pocket who is not paying attention as God is trying to teach me something. God is like, “Elyse!  Hello!  I’m trying to teach you something important that will help you.  You need to know this.  FOCUS!”  But, I’m so caught up with my little joy that my attention is taken away from Him and what’s important.  We need to turn loose of those caterpillars in our pockets and put our focus back on the things that ARE important.


Comments on: "Pocket Surprise" (3)

  1. The “-63” in my above comment is a small gift from Miss Stella! She decided to pounce on my hand while typing! I guess I was so focused on me and my typing that I lost focus on what was around me! LOL : )

  2. What a great lesson! We do tend to lose focus on what we really should be seeing. If our sights were set more outside of ourselves-63. we would probably be able to see things so much more clearly.

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