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Jewelry Catastrophe

I’m outside watching the kids playing at recess.  The girls playing baseball, some children on the playground, some playing their own made-up games, and the main event that requires all the teachers attention…  All the little boys like to get together at recess and play every guy’s favorite sport……football.  I’m not extremely crazy about the sport, but my fiance really likes it.  I learned most of the game from him, so I watch the boys play everyday.

Now on one particular day, a little boy was playing who doesn’t always play.  Well, on this day he decided to play, and he had on his new earring that his momma bought him.  Well, after the fourth run he fell down, and the next thing I know he’s looking around.  I asked him what he was looking for, and he told me he was searching for him earring.  He searched and searched until break was over.  He never found his earring, but he never gave up looking for what was dear to him.

This little boy made me think of the parable of the little lady who had the coins and, when one went missing, she searched and searched until she found it.  I know I often give up on things way too easily and too early.  I don’t have the patience it takes at times when I should endure things, but this little boy helped  remind me  not to give up so easily.  Put all your effort and focus on things, and endure during your time of worry, because in the end, you’ll succeed.

That lost earring is now found.  Where we once were lost, now we’re found.  Christ didn’t give up on us even to this very day, and we’re supposed to be Christ like.  So why do we give up, when His unfailing love and patience never ceases to find us?


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