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Eat that Elephant!

I’d love to offer some mysteriously spiritual excuse for why I haven’t been blogging lately, but I don’t have one. I just quit. I was running hard in every area of my life and I hit a wall, bounced backwards a few steps and quit. It took me about a month before I even realized that I had quit, and another month before I started trying to understand why. Once I began to understand what the wall was that I ran into, I started thinking about how to go through it, go around it, dig under it, blow it up… whatever it took to get it out of the way. Because it was so big to me and it had been such a long time since I had any momentum, I just continued to sit there contemplating the situation instead of taking any action.

Until today. Today, pretty much out of the blue, my husband said to me…

“You’ve forgotten.”

“Forgotten what?” I asked.

“How to eat an elephant,” he replied with a gleam in his eye.

And that was it. That’s all it took. A simple little reminder to get me unstuck. I can face this wall in front of me one bite at a time. Interestingly, once I took the first bite, I realized the wall wasn’t really as big as I thought it was. So, here I am… eating my elephant.

By the way… it’s nice to see you all again!


Comments on: "Eat that Elephant!" (2)

  1. Barbara said:

    anything big is beter eaten in small bites. Glad you are back!!!!!

  2. Nice to see you back again! I love the new look of the blog. Can’t wait to keep reading…

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