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Back to the Basics

God gave me a revelation while watching the Super Bowl earlier this year. Remember when Pittsburgh had a fourth down with five yards to go near the end of the game? Instead of trying to get just those five yards for a first down, they tried for a big play… and failed. I believe if Pittsburgh had gotten that five yards, they would have had a chance to win that game. They tried to slow down Green Bay’s momentum with a big play, when all they had to do is get five yards to help build their momentum.

I was thinking about that when God asked me, “How many times have you done that?” I was a little shocked, so I said, “What? What do You mean, God?” He answered, “How many times have I told you to get five yards so that you can continue carrying the ball, but instead you tried to go ten to fifteen yards down the field to make a big play.” That’s when I realized… five yards IS a BIG play on fourth down!!

Now, I’m a competitor, so I started thinking about the times I have been able to make a come back when my opponent had the upper hand. During those moments when I was behind and my momentum was kind of slow, I couldn’t stop my opponent’s momentum by trying to steal the show with some awesome play… I just had to work on the small things and then I’d notice how my small steps would become medium steps, then big steps! You get the idea!

God was trying to tell me this: that’s where our momentum comes from…. by going back to the basics!!!

~by guest contributor, Fred Mitchell

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