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Prove It!

Earlier this year, I started working in a shop doing hair, something I have always loved to do. I was excited to be getting back to work, and on my way in that morning, I prayed and gave my business to God, saying, “Do what You will, Lord!” My first day was great, and I was excited to take my tithe out of my earnings in preparation for Sunday morning. Little did I know what the Lord had in store for me!!!

One of the things I have always enjoyed at Gateway is how our giving is based on the Word. It’s never, “Give, give, give!” without any understanding of why. We have a sure scriptural basis, and God honors His word. The Word before our offering last Sunday was, “Prove Me now in this.” I got excited when I heard that Word and looked over at my husband. He just said, “Go ahead. I know what you are thinking!” I had already made out the tithing envelope for the ten percent of my earnings, but I tore it up and put EVERYTHING I had earned the day before into a new envelope. God said to prove Him, and we decided we would!

After church, we had to go take care of a bill. We had prepared to pay the amount we owed, but when we got there, the bill had been reduced for reasons we didn’t expect. We paid that bill off and went home with THREE times the amount of money I had put into that envelope only a few hours earlier!

God is great! All He wants us to do is trust Him! I had thought starting up my own hair business would be hard, but with a God like we have, I can never lose!!! God gives all the increase, and He’s ready for us to PROVE HIM!!!

~by guest contributor, Nessa Simpson-Singleton


Comments on: "Prove It!" (1)

  1. Sherrie said:

    Wonderful article! May all who read be encourage in there obedience of giving!

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