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One More Time

The BLOB. Everyone at Youth Camp just couldn’t stop talking about it!

“Oh, you’re gonna LOVE it!” they said.

“Whooo! Jesus is Awesome, and so is the BLOB!”

So…there I was. I had mustered up enough gumption to climb the stairs, and it took all the energy I had to stay at the top of the platform without running and screaming for my Mama. Peering over the edge, I saw what lay about 20 feet below me…The Blob!

For fear of losing my “cool-points”, I put on my “I’m-not-scared-of-anything” mask and said, “OH, YEAH!!!” What in the world was I thinking?!? I should have known that if the kids were all putting Jesus and the Blob in the same sentence, I was sure to go meet my Maker! Who was I kidding? I was scared to death!

“Can you trust me one more time?”

Ugh! I had been up for the past two nights with that question echoing through my mind. God was up to something. “Trust you for what, Daddy?”

“Can you trust me one more time?”

I wanted everything to be over with. I wanted the Blob to disintegrate into tiny particles and drop to the bottom of the lake. I wanted everybody to stop hooting and hollering for me. I wanted to take back my “I’m not scared of anything” mask and just get down off this dumb platform. And I wanted God to stop asking the same question night after night. I was tired. I needed some sleep.

“Can you trust me one more…?”

“Yes! Yes, Lord!” I quietly yelled. “Yes! I will trust you one more time!”

It stopped. The voice was quiet. Well, I got one thing I wanted…four more things on my list to go. So I screwed up enough courage to drop down onto that Blob. Whew! Got that out of the way, even if the Blob didn’t disintegrate into the lake!

The rest of the day, I kept thinking about the question God had asked me, and more so, about my answer. What had I just said Yes to? Was it just saying yes to the Blob?

Not twenty-four hours later, Vickie and I found out that our older brother, Jamie, and our cousin, Al, were killed in a car accident. We were devastated! We were five hours away from home at a church camp. Five hours away from our Mama. Five hours from our brothers and sisters. I was so thankful that I was around my church family, but really I just wanted my Mama.

Apostle David and Mrs. G packed our bags in their car and began the long trip towards Lavonia, so we could be at our brother’s funeral the following day. We sat in silence, not knowing what to say or do. As I gazed out the window, I heard that question again.

“Can you trust me one more time?”

It wasn’t for the Blob. It was for me at this very moment. During this tragic time, He was asking could I trust Him.

My family members were dead. I was angry at the Blob. I was mad at the world. I was infuriated at Him. Could I trust Him? I went in and out of dreamless naps. I pondered that question with each passing car. The sun was going down and the sunset was amazingly beautiful. As I gazed out into those wonderful colors, I knew my answer. “Yes, Lord. Yes, I will. Even though I don’t understand…I will trust you.”

In that moment, Proverbs 3:5 became Rhema to me. I realized that I could trust Him with all of my heart: that I could lean on Him even when I didn’t know the answers to my questions. At every junction in my path since that day I first said “Yes,” He has directed my steps. Lately, I’ve been hearing that question ringing in my ear: “Can you trust me one more time?” I don’t know what is in store or why He’s asking again, but I said yes to Him 10 years ago, and I’m so glad I did.

What about you? Can you trust Him…one…more…time?

~by Ann Bowman


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