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Get Out of My Way!

I have noticed lately that I have been hitting a lot of animals with my car…more this week than in my whole driving experience. Even though I’ve felt badly about hitting birds or bunnies, I haven’t felt badly enough to stop and go back to check on them.

This got me thinking about how we treat other people, and how we often don’t even take time to show the love of God towards others because we’re too concerned with ourselves. It’s usually all about me, my needs, and what God is doing for me. If you get in my way then you just get run over! I probably won’t even stop to see if you are okay, just like I didn’t take the time to see if those animals I hit last week were okay.

I hate to think about how many times I’ve been so concerned about myself that I ignored my brothers and sisters in Christ, leaving them hurting and needing a hand. Well, the message from God to us right now is “Love one another.” That’s going to require us to pay attention to what we’re doing, so we can stop and help those in need along the way. We’ll really be able to tell how much we’re growing in our love walk by the number of people we help instead of run over!

~ by guest contributor, Michelle Parrish


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