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Love is a four-letter word that we usually want to define on our own terms instead of God’s. If someone is doing something that makes me happy, I say that I love them. But, do I really love them when they criticize something that I say?  My human reaction is usually a resounding NO! Since God says we should love through any situation, it’s up to me to figure out exactly what it is that is in me stopping me from loving them in the moment that they hurt me.

Recently, I had some conflict with my brother. I was so mad at him for criticizing the way I had spoken to someone! It was like he was holding up a mirror, showing me a part of myself that I didn’t want to see. Once I got past the fact that I didn’t like his harsh tone, I realized his words were filled with truth. I do need to look at the way I respond to people, but until that moment, I was in the dark about it. Thanks to him, I had my image reflected in that mirror, and it was not exactly pretty! In fact, I probably looked like an old woman that snubs her nose at people for no good reason! I don’t know about you, but that is not how I want to come across to people!

Now that I’ve shared a “not so glorious” moment of mine, think about this: If someone speaks the truth in love to you, what would those words show you? What does that reflection in your mirror look like?  As you go through this week, I challenge you to think about what you are reflecting to others. Love takes work, but with a little patience and self-examination, we can get there!

~ by Madison Sanders


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