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I’ve been thinking a lot about vampires lately. It seems like our culture has a preternatural obsession with these mythic, blood-sucking creatures of the night. Sure, these stories have been around for hundreds of years and have bled their way into pop-culture ever since Bram Stoker let Dracula loose on Victorian sensibilities. But what’s with the recent infestation of the undead?

I’ve got a theory… with a burgeoning national debt and criminal neglect oozing from Washington, it could be that the vampires among us are the many aspects of our wayward government that are sucking us all dry. Not only do we find our national finances slipping through our fingers, but the very life force of this nation is being drained away as the ability to make quality decisions for communities is being wrested from the hands of local and state government and placed unworthily in the arms of Washington bureaucrats with Socialist agendas. Isn’t that what vampires do? Drain your life and leave you for dead or take away your free will by turning you into a soulless monster with the same agenda as they? Seems like we all know where the Big Bad is housed, but where is the Champion to save the day?

The other day, a re-run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer really made me think. A vampire had a group of people held hostage inside a church. The vamp was striding around the sanctuary, looking at the Cross, the people, the stained glass windows, and he was saying, “THIS is what I have been afraid of? All this time, I’ve been afraid of THIS? This is nothing!” Hmmm….what does that say when even B-grade Hollywood productions can tell you that vampires have nothing to fear from the Church today?

There’s no power, no authority, no integrity in most churches in the United States. We’ve lost our passion, our zeal, our warrior spirit and have become comfortably numb as we busily bow and scrape to the powers that have falsely set themselves up as authority in our land. We’ve allowed those powers to become so familiar, so comfortable…even glamorous…to the extent that we act out our idolatry of them in pop cultural debates over Team Edward or Team Jacob. This vampiric spirit has infiltrated all ares of life because the Church has allowed it.

Come on, Church, it’s time to be Vampire Slayers. Sitting prettily in our pews is not going to change anything. While prayer is a mighty weapon, we must also be prepared for action. Quit leaving the authority and dominion in our nation to those who are spiritually dead. We have to rise up from our slumber, shake ourselves, and put action to our lip service. We should be the ones making decisions…we should be the ones in political office and seats of authority in business and industry. We should have the brightest scientific ideas, the most creative artistic achievements and the most sound educational solutions. Let’s not wait for future generations to take back what belongs to us; let’s realize that in THIS generation, we have been chosen to establish the Kingdom of God.

The kingdoms of this world are become [the kingdoms] of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. ~Revelation 11:15


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  1. You have really put the church of today into prespective. If we don’t arise, shake ourselves and shine; as the church we have been called to be, we shall indeed join the ranks of the spiratually dead, unable to rise above this world as the champions God has called us to be.

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