Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

Jesus My Deliverer

My heart worn down with fear and pain 

Eroded years of guilt and blame

Covered face and blushing shame

I am my own worst critic

The more I have the more I want

Not satisfied with more than enough

Grabbing, groping for more dumb stuff

I am my own whore-monger

My heart beats dead beneath my rib

Silent, numb since I was a kid

Can’t move from this place it’s hid

I am my own dread monster

But one day I saw the truth of my life and knew

Just knew

That my failures are not the end and my


Does not define me

Or constrain me

In my weakness His strength is perfect

Realizing my inequity

Exposing truth for all to see

Bound no more, I walk free

Jesus, my Deliverer


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