Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

God is doing something. There’s a new work that God is starting today in this church. There’s a new work being established and it’s going to start on the inside, and it’s going to show up on the outside.

What you have seen in the past cannot be compared to what you’re about to see. That which you’ve walked in during times past cannot be compared to that which you’re about to see. You’ve been standing on the edge of walking fully in what I have given you to walk in. The attacks have come and come and come and come; they tried to make you stop running the race that I called you to run.  But today, there’s an establishing taking place in your spirit, and now when you think about it and you declare it, you’ll be able to do it.

You’ve been held back, but it wasn’t for a lack of will. You willed to do it, but you could not accomplish My will because the opposition was so great. But from this very day, it will almost seem like you’re on a pair of roller skates and you’re going to skate along in the power of God, and you’re going to find out that Satan under your feet you shall trod.

And I will cause you to ride in the high places of the spirit. And I’m going to reverse some things for you financially. And know this; adhere to it and hear it: I’m going to reverse some things for you financially and adjustments are going to be made and the right track you shall be on and then the pressure of that will be gone.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the anointing is upon you today.

 Prophecy given to Apostle David Coker

by Randy Grier, April 10, 2011


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