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The Look

As a child, I knew if I did something wrong I was going to be punished. Of all my childhood mishaps, there is one particular time that really marked me. As I spotted a bottle of mink oil on the counter, a light bulb went off in my head. “Why don’t I make my hair even prettier by slathering mink oil in it? Yes, that would give it the shine it needs!” I thought as I slipped into the bathroom to execute my plan.

Mama must have known things were too quiet, so she came to investigate. There I was, gooping that mink oil on by the handfuls. My arms were covered with it, my hair was matted, and my mom was horrified!

The look on Mama’s face let me know I had it coming to me for sure! My brownish blonde hair was no longer in a ponytail with dainty little tendrils: it was a matted slimy mess! As Mom began to scrub and scrub, I started imagining what kind of punishment I would have. No friends over? No TV? No playtime? Maybe I would end up chained to that sink! Finally, after two or three hard washings, the slime began to wash down the drain. It was such a relief to have that goop out of my hair! In the end, Mama decided I had learned my lesson at the sink and no other punishment was needed.

Well, I can tell you I never put mink oil in my hair again! Sometimes, just having to work hard to clean-up our messes is all the correction we need.

~ by Madison Sanders


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