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Time for a Check Up!

Isn’t it great how God places people, situations, and events in your life to test your love walk? Do you ever find yourself asking God to let you have just one test that doesn’t involve someone else? I know I sure have! That’s not the way He works, though. He uses our reaction to negative people and events as a measuring stick to see where we are. If we’re not measuring up to the love line, then perhaps it is time for a check-up from the chest up!

Notice that I did not say, “from the neck up.” No, we walk in love from our heart, not our head. Your head will get in the way of your love walk because you can always rationalize why someone else doesn’t really deserve to be treated well. A wise man recently reminded me that it is easy to find the faults in others when we spend so much time thinking about ourselves. Instead, we need to realize that our love walk with others flows out of our heart-relationship with our Father. When our heart is right with Him, it will be right with others as well.

~ by Ronda Sullivan


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