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Bridging the Gap

Pre-mature birth. Cerebral Palsy. Surgeries. Therapy. Wheelchair.

If I can help just one person by sharing with them how I’ve overcome seemingly insurmountable odds in my life, it will be worth it all. If I can offer just one word of encouragement to a parent of a special needs child, the pain I’ve endured is still worth it all. My earthly father has never accepted me as I am, but showing others how much my Heavenly Father genuinely loves me makes it worth it all.

You know, a lot of Christians wait until they’ve gotten things all figured out before they start trying to reach out to others. I may be young, but I have learned that we all face hard times on this journey called life, and it’s how we react to them that makes all the difference. I decided that I wasn’t going to wait until my healing totally manifested or things seem to be easier for me before I try to help bridge the gap for others. True, I have felt like an outsider more times than I’d care to admit. However, through much prayer and earnestly seeking to know God on a more intimate level, I have achieved a level of breakthrough in many areas. I have learned how to have a hope that never fades under any circumstances, and I have learned that it’s very important to share that hope with others.

Think about Queen Esther in the Old Testament. Here she was, an orphaned Jewish girl who found favor with the King. She didn’t do anything to deserve that favor; God took her circumstances and orchestrated it all so that she would be in position to bridge the gap for others. When she was promoted to the palace, she could have sat idly by in luxury with her servants and forgotten about her people, but she didn’t. When the hour of need arose, she recognized that it was God who placed her there in order to help her people, not just to live a life of ease for herself. She knew the risks of her actions; she knew she might die along with the rest, but she stepped out boldly and spoke up anyway. It took great courage, but God used Esther’s voice to bring deliverance for others.

With Biblical examples like Esther in mind, I began looking for ways to help other people break through difficult circumstances in their lives. A few years ago, I started writing a blog and, through that, have been able to give hope to hundreds of people a day just by releasing the words God has put inside of me. I don’t write only for people with disabilities; I write to share my experiences about learning how to trust God. Even though my life isn’t being threatened for proclaiming God’s goodness and truth, I have come to realize that if I don’t release what God has given me, my gift will die. Trust me, I had to die to myself quite a bit when I started openly sharing about my life. There were nights that I would cry because it hurt my flesh to have to relive many of the pains and hurts that I have faced. But as I obeyed God, people responded in positive ways. Knowing that I was helping others has given me the courage and strength to keep on.

Like Esther, when we surrender our plans and desires, great things can happen because God is able to accomplish what He wants done. By putting God’s wishes above our own desires, we can give hope to the hurting, which is more valuable than gold or fame or position. When we use the gifts God has given us to share our own breakthroughs, our own sense of purpose is strengthened.

What can you do to bridge the gap for others?


~by Madison Sanders



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