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Get Up!!

“For I’ve said to you many times that there are places in My Spirit that I want to take you,” saith the Lord, “and I’ve taken you as far as you would allow Me to, and you’ve suffered, and suffered and suffered, partly because you would not surrender. But your spirit kept crying out, and you kept praying in other tongues and kept asking Me to bring you into that place, no matter what it would take, because you wanted to enter in.”

“So, I permitted certain things. I allowed certain emotions, circumstances and situations. I even gave you what your flesh desired for a season, so that you would realize that what you’re really hungry for is not in the flesh but in My Spirit. So therefore, I have brought you to a place by My Spirit, even to the threshold, this night. And those things that I’ve spoken and those things which I have promised, those things that I’ve said in order to give you vision and to encourage, edify, exhort and comfort you, yes all those things that I’ve said surely do belong to you.”

“Until now, you’ve seen them afar off. You’ve put it too far in the future. And you say within yourself ‘I am not worthy,’ and it is true: you’re not worthy in your strength, or your holiness, or your purity, or your works. But I have brought you to a place in which you’re not depending on your worthiness in the flesh, but you have to totally and completely lean on and trust in Me. For you see, My strength is made perfect in your weakness.”

“So fear not the circumstances, neither those things that would arise in your emotions and your mind. Don’t tarry and look at those things that have held you back. But behold Me,” saith the Lord. “Look at My Word. For I am not holding you back. I am not he that condemns; I am He that encourages and strengthens. Don’t you know that I knew you before I called you? Don’t you know that I knew your weaknesses? Don’t you know I already knew about the mistakes that you would make?”

“But know this:” saith the Lord, “I prepared a way by which you could arise and confess before Me so that you could walk totally and completely free. So, why don’t you go on? Why don’t you come on in? Why don’t you step on over? Quit listening to the accuser of the brethren, because his voice has been loud. His voice has been strong. But I’m bringing you to a place, even this night,” saith the Lord, “where his voice will pale in comparison to the voice of My Spirit that speaks within you and speaks through you.”

“So, I have a command for you this night,” saith the Lord. “Arise! Arise and shake yourself, and be strong in Me and in the power of My Might and you will begin to see My Glory and the manifestation of My Power. There will be transformation, not just in you, but even in the circumstances and in those places and in those regions and even in those territories where I have planted you. For don’t you know that this process that I’ve taught you concerning mortification had been an on-going process of dying. You think this is going to die and that’s going to die, and you’ve looked at this, that, and the other. But you see, what I have worked on are those things that have kept you from my purpose and from my assignment. So, as long as you’re in this flesh, you’ll never be perfected in every thought and word and deed. But I can tell you this: you can walk and will walk in everything that you need to walk in to fulfill my assignment. And hear this,” saith the Lord, “everything that would stand between you and the purpose for which you were given life, it shall die and I shall live in you!”


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