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You Are Special!

Most mornings I get up and go work in my garden by 6:00 am to pray in tongues, talk to God, and sing to myself as I weed the plants and water them.

The other morning, I found myself singing one of the songs we sing each Sunday morning in the nursery. It is called You Are Special and it is sung to the tune Jesus Loves Me. As we sing this song to the children, we insert their names into the song and point to them while they look at themselves in a mirror. Well, as I was singing about the kids in the nursery the thought crossed my mind to sing it and insert my name into the song.

I started to sing the song about me and found it very difficult to do. It was as if I felt that I was not special enough to have God love me just the way I am. See, I expect perfection from myself with no errors. It is easy for me to see that others are special to Him, but not as easy for me to see it about myself.

God has been trying to tell me for a very long time that I am special. It does not matter how messed up I am or the mistakes that I have made, God LOVES me just the way I am!

My challenge to you is to sing this little song using your name and looking into a mirror while you do it. It may be difficult at first, but push through and try it each morning. We all need the revelation that we are special to Him!



Look at (name) see her/his face,

In God’s heart there’s a special place.

God loves (name) just this way.

Each and every brand new day.

Yes, look at (name) (repeat 3x)

God loves her/him just this way.


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