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Something’s Gotta Give

What does breakthrough mean to you? The word, itself, has become a slogan for modern Pentecostal churches, but what does it really mean? Webster defines breakthrough as (1) a military advance all the way through and beyond an enemy’s front-line of defense; (2) an act of removing or surpassing an obstruction or restriction; (3) the overcoming of a stalemate; or (4) any significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase that removes a barrier to progress. Breakthrough means you win!

When David was anointed king over Israel, his old enemy, the Philistines, came out against him. He recognized the foe, inquired of God to receive direction, and turned to fight. When the dust cleared, David was victorious and named the spot Baal Parazim: Lord of the Breakthrough. When you receive anointing to stand in your place of authority in Christ, the enemy will wage war against you, and you will have to fight. The devil may cause circumstances to try to distract you or neutralize you; your own soul may try to keep you from stepping into your new place of anointing; others around you may try to discourage you or hold you back. When the fight comes, take up the Sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God, and pray in the Holy Ghost. You have mighty weapons in God, designed to pull down strongholds in your life and destroy anything that tries to set itself up as “god” in your thinking. You will have to fight, but the Lord of the Breakthrough is on your side!

We have many walls or barriers in our lives that hinder us from believing God and acting on His word. Breakthrough is often the process by which we apply pressure on our soul to cause those walls to come down. Like the walled city of Jericho, old mindsets are usually the first things that need to fall in order for us to be able to step into the new place that God has for us. Whatever thinking has gotten you where you are today will keep you where you are. We must address those mindsets in order to break through to any new place Holy Ghost wants to take us.

When two sides cannot agree, you end up having a stalemate. Just look at Congress…they do it all the time. Congressional stalemates over issues can last for months and even years. Eventually, one side will make a concession allowing a breakthrough in the discussion. We often find ourselves in a stalemate situation with God. He says one thing about our life, but we have our own ideas. We bargain, we beg, and we refuse to obey, but He doesn’t budge. That means we have to be the ones to move over to His side. We need breakthrough in order to see things His way and act accordingly. In most cases, breaking through the stalemate requires laying down a piece of our lives that we wanted to cling to. Long debates with God won’t help you do this, but praying in tongues and fasting will! Prayer and fasting are two tools designed by God to help you get “unstuck” when following His plan for your life.

Although preparing for a breakthrough often takes a good bit of time, when breakthrough comes, it feels like things change quickly. Like the woman who had the issue of blood for many years, we press through the crowded thoughts, feelings, and circumstances of our lives to touch God. And suddenly, His power breaks through into our lives and causes an immediate change. Breakthrough comes, and we are free!

Expect to hear from God and receive your own breakthrough as you read stories of victory through Christ here on The Celebration. Remember, the Lord of the Breakthrough is on your side!

By Linda Frederick


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