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God Is More Than Enough!

“For some [in the Body of Christ] have decided that My presence is not enough. Some have decided that there needs to be more operations of the flesh, manifestations of demons, and demonstrations of mind over matter. But I want you to know, my children, that you are not such people. For the reason that I’m able to come [and visit you here] is because you’re hungry for Me, and I have said that he who hungers and thirsts shall be filled.”

“So, don’t take my Spirit for granted, but know that each time that I come, I come for the purpose of My Kingdom and you are part of My Kingdom. So, therefore, I am come for you. I have come to heal, to deliver, to set free, to fill, and to save, for that is the operation of My Kingdom and the manifestation thereof.”

“For I desire to manifest all of My gifts. Know that it is not for the purpose of man, but it is for the purpose of the Kingdom. For I desire to set you free so that you can soar above the ceilings that the enemy has placed in your life. For surely He had a plan and said, ‘Oh, I thought I’ve got them now! I’ve got them now!’ That is just as sure as when the Lord Jesus Himself went into the heart of the earth and there abode for three days. [During those three days] Satan had a jubilee and a rejoicing, but on the third day there was a great shaking that took place, even a resurrection. So shall it be in your life!” saith the Lord. “For when the enemy thinks that he’s got you down for the third count – when he thinks that you cannot get up again – there shall come a grace, there shall come a power, there’ll come a strength that is beyond you! And you will know and experience the power of My Resurrection in your life, and you will rejoice and give Me glory and praise, and the Kingdom of God shall come nigh unto this territory through you!” saith the Lord.

~prophetic word given by Apostle David Coker to Gateway Believers Fellowship, July 31, 2011


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